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Starts from September 19th

Get Inspired, Get Going with Others

We all know that if we sit and study correctly for at least 10 hours a day, we can crack any exam easily. The problem is lacking the motivation to sit for long hours, distraction, etc. The virtual reading room motivates us to read more time and helps us to complete our syllabus on time. Our main goal is to study at least  12 hours a day till exams.



About Virtual Reading Room.

The Virtual Reading Room is a video-calling space that lets multiple people hold separate space in parallel, walking in and out of those space just as easily as they do in real life. There are many rooms and areas within the Reading Room, so everyone can have their own space

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We are adding more Video spaces daily for upcoming students and allotting spaces to join with Others


Study with our own schedules or Join with our expert study planners for completing syllabus on time.


Separate Groups/Video spaces for female students for better privacy while studying with other students


Study smart by compete against each other, Increase study hours, Do more revision with other students.

30 October 2022 - CA STUDENTS

SAMPLE Target.


Start with Toughest Subject and Prepare Running Notes - With Taking 5 Minutes break for every 25 Minutes.

BIG BREAK - Change place of study for each subject and arrange the all the books

Easiest Subject and Prepare Running Notes - With Taking 5 Minutes break for every 25 Minutes.

BIG BREAK For Lunch & Other chores - Change place of study for each subject and arrange the all the books

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What Students are saying

Reviews from our students about Virtual Reading Room

Virtual Reading Room is simply awesome concept to utilize our maximum time for studying only.

Monika Reddy CA Final

Thanks for this Free initiative, It's my 10th day continuously with Virtual Reading Room and schedules are very helpful

Raghunanthan CA Inter

First time started studying continuously for more than 9+ days, got confidence to clear my CA Final exams

Vandhana M CA Final

I need someone to start studying with competition and it was very helpful to get going with others.

Arpita Jain CS Professional

Thanks for providing this opportunity, Love reading with other students and planners were so helpful to me.

Saba Rehman CS Executive


    YES!! It's Absolutely Free, Just register with us and we will add you to the video space

    We provide planners and Exams only to the students who are paid for it, Other students can upgrade to any packages available with us.

    Follow these simple Virtual Reading Room etiquette rules and tips:

    1. Be on Time
    2. Mute your microphone only
    3. Wear proper Attire (For safety and Privacy)
    4. Choose a Good Location with Proper Internet Connection
    5. Give your full, focused attention on studying
    6. Always have your Video ON unless your taking some break


    If anyone breaking the above rules/ making noise/ disturbing others/Doing Promotions etc will be kicked out from the group and will ban accessing our programs. 

    Please contact us on our Whatsapp +91-9010535434, Our admins will resolve your issues ASAP.

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